From sourcing raw materials to choosing our packaging, every process is carefully examined and optimised to save energy and materials in facilities with near-zero environmental impact.

Leed & Breeam

Mapping of products according to specific metrics provided by the most important building rating systems in terms of sustainability. Discover the mapped products.

Solar energy system

A 547 kWp system that meets over 25% of our annual energy requirements and reduces our CO2 emissions by around 200 tonnes per year.

Geothermal system

Heating and air-conditioning with a geothermal water pump. It has a total power output of 350 kW. This reduces CO2 emissions by a further 150 tonnes every year.

Zero carbon natural gas

We protect the environment by offsetting pollution caused when carbon dioxide is released during gas combustion.

100% renewable energy

Energy obtained exclusively from renewable resources. Generating energy in this way does not release greenhouse gases and saves over 1,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Adaptive lighting

Highly efficient LED lamps that adapt their output and energy consumption based on the amount of light actually needed. This results in an energy saving of up to 70%.

Energy economisers

They facilitate lower energy consumption, resulting in a reduction in CO2 emissions of around 54 tonnes per year.

Warm air recovery

Air conditioning installations in offices are equipped with heat collectors. They recover warm air from compressors and refrigeration units to heat the areas where manufacturing is carried out.

Inverter compressors

Compressors equipped with inverters adapt their power according to the actual demand. In the IVAR compressed air system set at 6 bar, once this value is reached the compressors reduce power to the minimum and restart as soon as machine consumption drops below this value.


The company’s vehicles are powered by hybrid or methane systems. Furthermore, we have a designated fully electric vehicle for transporting stock between the facilities at our Prevalle manufacturing centre.


10 electric vehicle charging spaces have been installed in HQ car park for corporate cars. 2 charging spaces are available outside for employees and visitors.

Printing onto paper

We print our technical and informative documentation on paper that comes from responsibly managed forests.


We package in boxes and cartons with a composition that is 100% recycled materials. All printing is done only using water-based inks. Our packaging bags are made with 70% recycled materials.

Emission zero website

The CO2 emissions, produced by the access to company’s website, are compensated by planting trees in Italy. 


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