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Thermostatic valves


IVAR’s thermostatic valves are available in several configurations and sizes and are manufactured to the highest industry standards at our facility in Prevalle, Italy, using the finest quality brass and then finished with a nickel-plating to provide a protective coating and an aesthetically pleasing look.

Each valve is shipped with a protective cap to safeguard the thread. The same cap is also used in quality control testing to ensure the complete closure of the valve and the proper calibration of the rated rise.  The thermostatic inserts can be inspected and the peroxide EPDM o-ring on the spindle replaced, even when the system is in operation. Replacement parts are available.

All IVAR thermostatic valves are machined to NPT requirements and can be used on traditional water and low-pressure steam radiators, as well as hydronic baseboard, panel radiators and towel bar warmers, and are compatible with any thermostatic head using an M30 x 1.5 fitting.


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